What would you will do for individuals who revealed a person you fell in love with are a radical?

What would you will do for individuals who revealed a person you fell in love with are a radical?

Sal enjoys Hello Kitty

Happier 4th Of JULY Ladies. The Girls speak Chris’ the fresh obsession ANTARCTICA. What party contains the better mascot ever? How do Penguins select? Is it possible you eat Panda chicken? What is most going on in the Antarctica! Try the fresh missing town of Atlantis immediately following during the Antarctica?! Chris stops working every mysteries regarding Antarctica. Were the fresh new Nazi’s indeed there doing content so you’re able to aliens?! UFO’s and you can a low profile Civilization. If the girls go to Antarctica. Sound Off From the Statements. Sal features every phone number they are acquired as 1990’s to your his cellular telephone. exactly how many anyone is a person discover? This is the ADHD PODCAST YAS! The brand new babes tallk towards kid in Cape Cod who had swallowed of the good whale. We ask Sal just like the a beneficial germaphobe exactly what however manage in to the of your whale. Chris keeps find particular problems with poison control. July last Things! Sal has actually a slutty event toward Cops. Nathan’s Hot dog Dinner Tournament is actually fun. What’s the difference between goats vs sheep versus mutton compared to rams?! Just what!

The new Babes chat Embarrassing text messages

Hey Girl! are a podcast in which comedians Chris Distefano and Sal Vulcano express reports and have a great time. Allow your tresses down been spend time with the Girls!

The brand new Ladies cam Shameful texting

Hi Babe! was a good podcast in which comedians Chris Distefano and you can Sal Vulcano express tales and have fun. Let your locks down come go out on the Girls!

The Women talk Getting Old! Chris gets the sniffles that it event and the girls get best toward exactly how buildings are built as well as how the majority are used for each seasons. How many structure brands are there? The newest ladies check out a viral videos from a teenager fighting a good incur in her backyard. Might you survive a bear assault? How will you handle a keep when faced?! Sal possess a crazy facts from the carries of Impractical Jokers. What are the really harmful animals? You to federal park provides the really risky bears! Sal covers the amount of time he got assaulted because of the a good CLOUDED LEOPARD if you are from the a good zoo. Hippos is an unusual creature. What makes It Thus THICCCC. Raise your voice sploofs! What’s the earliest people you could have intercourse having? Shout out this new Eldest individual on earth Kane Tanaka! She’s today the Greatest Hero On earth! God bless The lady! Consider are alive to have 120 years? This new girls score yet another painting out of an experienced Partner! Ways to get most dated. Hello Babe!

The Girls talk Awkward text messages

Hey Hottie! was an effective podcast in which comedians Chris Distefano and you may Sal Vulcano show tales and enjoy yourself. Let your locks off become hang out to your Ladies!

Chris shortage of sounds knowledge. he does not be aware http://www.datingranking.net/es/hookupdate-review/ of the BEATles. Shout out loud to for our the Unbelievable business sign! Gonna movie or inform you premieres and events is actually BRUTES! What’s flick premiere decorum? Chris in the end will get their paws toward specific Zero Presh Pack peanut butter out-of Saratoga Peanut Butter. It’s Illuminated. What is the finest dough? Staying at firearm section musical terrifying. The human body are Frightening! New ladies fall apart just how many youtube streams keeps more than 100k readers. The new women rating esoteric. Shout out loud TOM BRADY! Sal covers enough time him and the Unlikely Jokers had ghosted from the Shaquille O’Neal. Sal talks about exactly how difficult the guy spent some time working once the children so you’re able to provides their own cellular phone line. Chris covers how as he try an adolescent their mom dated an almost friend’s father. Nightmare! Hey Girl!

The brand new Girls talk Awkward sms

Hey Girl! is an excellent podcast in which comedians Chris Distefano and Sal Vulcano share stories and have fun. Let your locks down started spend time towards Girls!