The thing is here, this proves new protoplasm for the center and you may lo oks such bullet groups, ya?

The thing is here, this proves new protoplasm for the center and you may lo oks such bullet groups, ya?

I would like to start by a discussion of your own revolutionary browse from Herr Teacher Doktor Tomas Landh, an excellent biophysicist and you will bio-materials researcher. He has got cutting-edge yet another principle according to solid proof one conflicts considerably having latest feedback towards mobile morph ology, especially neuronal brain tissue. Newest principle is founded on a few-dimensional type narrow microtome areas of cells viewed less than optical otherwise transmission microscopy, hence claims that “the fresh new cell’s membrane layer was a circular double level out-of fatty lipi ds having its liophobic ends up pointing inwards, and you can liophyllic16 finishes pointing outwards with proteins structures on both body otherwise squeeze through the membrane layer. Tell you the initial slide. Next fall. Doktor Landh isn’t arguing phone function, but alot more the newest architectural topology of the genuine geometry. Immediately following evaluating a large number of wrote fotos during the histology literature on the early in the day 35 age, they are convinced the modern glance at is i ncorrect.

What the guy did, isn’t use transmission electron microscopy (TEM), but learning electron microscopy (SEM) that have really special deceased-freeze techniques to keep actual mobile morphology rather than planning items. Then performed a mathematical topological study (MTA) in order to correlate theory that have findings, and found you to tissue, from are spherical step three-D little testicle, ya?, was basically actually highly complex step three-D aggregates adopting the an accurate topological laws labeled as Occasional Minimal Epidermis (PMS), not t o feel mistaken for people PMS, ya? ( roaring laughter ) I will skip the info, but Doktor Landh possess postulated that genuine mobile morphology and you can telephone continuum isn’t an arbitrary circular arrangement, but an accurate crystalline aggregate away from cubic-shap ed cells whoever membranes reveal a half dozen-fold proportion! Lines of Egyptian Rose away from Existence symmetry, maybe, ya?17 Additionally, the brand new cytoskeleton or proteins skeleton of mobile grows in an effective spiral development, nearly the same as DNA/RNA geometry. I would like to have the n ext four slides, Dr. B. You will find the way the cellphone increases from a-two-dimensional circle to an effective cubic aggregate if you implement the principles out-of topology, ya? The thing is and the continual trend, eg a crystal, ya? So it cubic figure is probably dictated by useful cellu lar criteria, and you may identifies the true mobile decisions.

Richard Cytowic, has been evaluating an unusual occurrence called synesthesia, a disorder in which you to experience overlaps that have some other, particularly “sampling colours”, “smell tones”, “tasting terminology”, “perception feelings and you may feelings inside the brilliant colour”, including intimate orgasms (noisy wit)

Fundamentally, his history magical knowledge try you to, once the a fabric scientist – like the Amerikan Dr. William Tiller – he had been most accustomed metal and metalloid microstructure. When he watched the new higher-position SEM’s from the lower resolution and you will high-angle, the guy noti ced the fresh new trend resembled just what point experts telephone call a good photonic crystal, a great lattice framework from atoms or particles that is sensitive to electromagnetic light, otherwise white, ya? Very he realised, without a doubt! Which explains work away from Herr Doktor Popp from Switzerland (18) along with his photon phone tests. To phrase it differently, the structure was morphologically set-up instance an effective PMS construction you to definitely maximises the skin for every single product frequency for absorption of your time. It uses, ergo, one cells, especially neuronal cerebral tissues, was crystalline electromagnetic transducers – put another way, they address white, ya?19 That explains why-not just exodermal (skin) muscle, however, strong endodermal muscle, plus (those in) brand new pineal gland, try sensitive to light. Doktor Landh’s lookup contradicts one to, and you will categorically suggests exactly how tissue are structurally and you can morphologicaly furnished so you can try to be light transducers, ya? That’s the completion of our search. ( reputation ovation and you can applause )

The modern vi ew holds that light photons don’t apply at metabolic process

Ms Dr. C: Dankershen. Thank-you, respected acquaintances. You are aware, we could possibly you should be a physical black hole! ( way more wit) Now, allow me to go into the next issue out of my chat. If only towards the lighting, excite. Thank you so much., Dr. B. This subject of attention research ver ges almost on paraphysics, the favourite issue your CCCP acquaintances. ( cheers) A shine specialist, Dr. History concern – how can we do that? ( a whole lot more wit)